Our Story



Milieu de la Moda started as a WordPress blog in 2015. Our founder, Sydnie Haywood, created a platform to express her views on her passions: fashion, travel, and the environment. Although the blog was successful in its own right, Sydnie had the lingering feeling that Milieu de la Moda could be something more. 

I realized that if there wasn’t a place for my greatness, then I would create it.
— Sydnie Haywood, Founder Milieu de la Moda, Inc.

Sydnie found that she could combine her love for the fashion industry and the immense need for an education on sustainable life practices. From there, Milieu de la Moda underwent a transformation that would impact the lives of so many others for years to come. 

Milieu de la Moda changed from a blog to a nonprofit organization that converts donated goods into cash in the form of scholarships for students. After Sydnie's personal abroad experience in Barcelona, Spain in 2013, she returned to the United States with a new sense of self. Traveling abroad provided Sydnie with an undeniable perspective on her best qualities, while encouraging her to see her shortcomings as an opportunity for growth. Since that time, Sydnie's life has changed for the better, which is why she is dedicated to helping students share in the experience.